Reflection of Hiking my NH48

For those of you who don’t know, in the New Hampshire White Mountains, there are 48 mountains that are 4,000 feet or taller. It is a challenge/accomplishment to hike all of them. There is no timetable, just you and your abilities and ambitions!

I started this journey on August 20, 2016, hiking Mount Lafayette, on a whim and at that moment I was hooked and I had no idea where this would take me. Through the next 4 years, I hiked and hiked and eventually hiked a lot! During this process, I grew in my abilities and tackled bigger and larger mountains, as well as longer hikes. It developed into a passion of mine and I found a home in these mountains!

I’m not great with words but I am better with numbers so here are some.

My Stats:

  • It took me 1,549 days to hike all 48 (with some repeats)
  • Seasons (Including repeats):
    • Fall: 19
    • Winter: 2
    • Spring: 6
    • Summer: 26
  • Years (Including repeats):
    • 2016: 3
    • 2017: 2
    • 2018: 7
    • 2019: 23
    • 2020: 19
  • Completed Challenges:
  • I honestly didn’t track mileage or time but wish I did…I may try and go back and estimate…we’ll se

Then on October 30, 2020 I finished my last one.  This day still doesn’t feel real! I can’t believe it’s over!

There was the perfect amount of snow that gradually increased as our elevation did. When we’re almost to the summit we broke out onto a beautiful ridge with full views of Washington and the ridge to our destination. After a few minutes on the ridge we returned to a tree covered patch and didn’t break out again till we reached the fire tower at the summit. While on this path the bird warmly greeted us (just don’t ask Derrick about this, he may not agree) and we were reminded of the beauty nature had for us.


My Hikes In order:

  1. Lafayette
  2. Osceola
  3. East Osceola
  4. Willey
  5. Tecumseh
  6. Tom
  7. Field
  8. Madison
  9. Adams
  10. Jefferson
  11. Jackson
  12. Pierce
  13. Hale
  14. Cannon
  15. Hancock
  16. South Hancock
  17. North Kinsman
  18. South Kinsman
  19. Flume
  20. Lincoln
  21. Liberty
  22. Garfield
  23. Gale Head
  24. South Twin
  25. North Twin
  26. Zealand
  27. West Bond
  28. Bond
  29. Bondcliff
  30. Isolation
  31.  Cabot
  32. Wildcat, D (Spiltboard round 2)
  33. Wildcat, A
  34. Carter Dome
  35. South Carter
  36. Middle Carter
  37. Moriah
  38. Waumbek
  39. Washington
  40. Monroe
  41. Eisenhower
  42. Whiteface
  43. Passaconaway
  44. Owl’s Head
  45. Moosilauke
  46. North Tripyramid
  47. Middle Tripyrmaid
  48. Carrigan

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