Things in Your Camper, You Just Need

I have a Taxa Tigermoth camper that we bought this summer. Since we bought it, we have to go on various adventures with it. And through our trial and error, we discovered things we just need. This list is geared towards our Tigermoth but can be adapted to other campers as well! Everything here is item’s I’ve personally used and recommend! I won’t recommend products I haven’t used (unless otherwise stated!).

This ARB Tent Room (Paired with this awning) is perfect for extending your living space and heats up perfectly for winter camping.
This Mr. Buddy Heater is perfect for heating that tent room on cold nights. Runs of the green propane tanks or pair it with a regular propane tank.
Best yet, pair your heater with this Ignik Refillable Propane Gas Growler for longer nights with the heater and to save the planet from those single-use green tanks. It’s great for use with the heater or attaches to your camping stove. One tank equals 5 green single-use tanks.
These Solar String Lights are perfect for lighting up your space and have a solar recharge!
This RTIC 45 Cooler is perfect for keeping things cold. Ice lasts for days in the summer and even longer in the winter!
These PowerTye Cargo Net to hang stuff up on the ceiling of your camper.
These Camp Chairs are perfect for lounging in your tent room or around camp. (Not the exact one I have because the model was discontinued but similar)
This Fleece Sheet Set is perfect for cold night snuggles!
This BALDR Thermometer is perfect for monitoring the temperature inside and outside your camper.
This Andily Electric Heater is perfect for small amount of heating the camper at night when shore power is available.
This Soleil Ceramic Heater is the best thing for super cold nights. Heated the camper up right away! HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!
These Devico Portable Utensils are perfect for every meal and come in a handy little carrying pouch.
This Classic Accessories Cover is perfect for covering your camper when not in use.
These Gold Lion Gear Carabiners are perfect for clipping things to your camper. We even use them to attach the corners of our tent room to the camper instead of stakes.
These Q-Bics Mirror Sheets are great for adding a mirror to the wall of your camper when braiding your hair or put make-up on.
These Wildhorn Microlite Travel Towel Set are perfect for showering, dishes, and general clean-up around camp.
An Electric Kettle is perfect when it’s too cold to leave the camper to boil water. It was such a game changer in the morning to just click it on and have instant hot chocolate! (This is not the exact one I have because I couldn’t find it but it is similar.)

This post contains affiliate links & I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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