Daily Habits

As I enter the new year, I like to think about the habits that I have found success with and I could focus on in the next year.
These habits don’t need to be big, or hard and take up a lot of time but they do need to be things you make a priority in your day. So here is my list.
  1. Get outside for 30 minutes: I’m my best self when I’m outside. The sunshine and fresh air can do wonders for you!
  2. Workout for 30 minutes: Working out releases endorphins which are linked to happier moods, and release of tension/stress. Even when I don’t feel like working out, I never regret it!
  3. East nutritious meals & snacks: We need to fuel our bodies to do things we love and have energy so we must fill our bodies with foods that will serve us. That doesn’t mean I’m not ever going to eat junk, I just limit it because it doesn’t help me do things I love.
  4. Drink 75+ oz of Water: Drinking half your body weight in water not only hydrates you but it boosts your metabolism and helps flush toxins from your body!
  5. 15 Minutes of Personal Development: This can be read or listened to. Personal development helps you discover more about yourself and find ways to clarify and reach your goals!
Now there are 5 things on this list and but it doesn’t mean they can’t be done together! Going for a 30-minute walk outside listening to personal development podcast just checked off three items! Although I usually try to walk and do a strength/cardio workout, it’s okay to merge them!

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