Find Yourself, Again

Are you feeling burnt out and just so tired? Me too!

Do you know you need to do something about it but not sure where to start? I’m in a similar boat and while I’m no expert, I’m want to help others that feel similar find strength and peace through this challenging time! And get back to doing things we love!

A little background about me, I’m a teacher at a high school for students with dyslexia. And this past year has been incredibly challenging with learning how to teach remotely, hybrid, and simultaneously teaching in person and remote students in the same class. Navigating social emotional well being and ensuring students aren’t falling behind academically. It’s been a lot. And that’s just one example. I can only imagine how others are feeling!

A year ago I embarked on this wellness journey and at first my goal was to be perfect but as life happens, I realized it doesn’t need to be perfect to find success and happiness. It’s in the messy, unconventional moments that life happens. Sometimes life gets in the way and sometimes we eat “junk food” (all day) and sometimes we miss workouts (multiple days in a row) but finding the strength and having the ability to recommit and try again, thats where there is strength. That is where you find success. And I want to help you find that too! I’m far from perfect but I’m here and ready to help when you’re ready! So starting April 4th, I’m going to be running a find yourself, again initiative. The goal is to just take a little bit of time each day to focus on ourselves. You will have the opportunity to…

  • 10-Minute Daily Meditations
  • Learn how to fuel your body
  • Daily workouts (ranging from 20-60 minutes, your choice!)
  • Book Club reading Believe IT by Jamie Kern Lima
  • Using our tracking app to keep track of it all and to keep each other accountable.

Signup with a pack by April 1st
& I’ll send you the book for FREE!

2 Months of Consistency:

Interested in having a side hustle while working on your personal wellness?

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