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Hi! My name is Carissa and I love going on Adventures! By day, I’m a high school outdoor leadership and math teacher, and by night an online wellness coach! I live for the weekends in the mountains with no care in the world except where my feet are taking me! I love hiking, snowboarding, and have begun dabbling in surfing, wakeboarding, and more!

I grew up on Long Island but somehow find myself living in Massachusetts. I like to think I was born to live in New England but also found a home in Scotland, where I studied abroad in college.

When I’m not teaching, coaching, or hiking, I can be found exploring new places, domestically and abroad. I have a map of the countries, I’ve been to and feel I haven’t been to many so my goal is to see more and do more. The photo to the right was taken on my last abroad trip in August 2019 when I skydived in Interlaken, Switzerland. Maybe one of the best days of my life!

My fiancé, Derrick, and I recently bought a Taxa Tiger Moth which we absolutely love! Stay tuned for more of our adventures around New England & beyond!

Fun Fact:

I also co-own a
Shave Ice Food Truck In New England

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