Our New UST Gear!

I recently upgraded a bunch of our camper gear with gear from UST! Their goal is to create an outdoor community that anyone can be apart of and their is gear is so user friendly! Here is a list of my newest gear that has helped me level up our camping experience! This rechargeable lighter... Continue Reading →

The Best Chocolate Hummus

This easy to make chocolate hummus is my go to snack. Perfectly paired with fruit (I love strawberries) for a healthy snack! p.s. This is the best blender I have ever owned! Comment below and let me know if you make this hummus!

FREE Wellness Birthday Bash

Starting Monday, April 19, 2021 (My birthday) I'm hosting my first ever FREE Wellness Birthday Bash! So here are the details! Join the facebook group by clicking the link belowThe group will last for 5 daysEveryday I will post a favorite workout, wellness tip, and challenge.Complete all 5 workouts & challengesAt the end of the... Continue Reading →

Find Yourself, Again

Are you feeling burnt out and just so tired? Me too! Do you know you need to do something about it but not sure where to start? I'm in a similar boat and while I'm no expert, I'm want to help others that feel similar find strength and peace through this challenging time! And get... Continue Reading →

Spring Break on St. Thomas

In March 2021, I traveled to Saint Thomas for a little spring break with my friend. It was my first time vacationing since Covid started a year ago! Here is a list of my tips, tricks, and favorite places and activities! Where to stay: We chose to stay in an AirBnB which was fine but... Continue Reading →

100 Day of Consistency

Starting March 1, 2021, I'm starting a 100 Day Challenge and I would love for you to join me! This Program is a high-energy, fast-paced, and fierce fitness program. Commit to 100 workouts, and get you fired up to build strength and melting fat away. These are high-intensity cardio and resistance-training workouts that will blast... Continue Reading →

My Guide to Winter Camper Camping

This past weekend, I went to my AIARE 1 Course in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The course was amazing, the learn was exceptional and the cold was extronairy. This weekend the high was under 10 degrees fahrenheit and my nights were below -5 degrees. So it was definitely cold but I was able... Continue Reading →

My Favorite Workout Gear

About 10-11 months ago I embarked on a journey to a healthier lifestyle (read about that journey here) but along the way, I searched high and low for workout gear that not only enhanced my workouts but also didn't break the bank, and here are my favorites. My holistic Wellness Program - This has changed... Continue Reading →

2020 Review of Results

LOSSES: Weight: -8.75 lb Chest: -1.5” Waist: -3.5” Hips: -1.25” R Arm: -.5” L Arm: 0” R Thigh: -.5” L Thigh: -.5” GAINS: 💪🏻 I can do push-ups 💪🏻 I love my body & all it can do 💪🏻 I can hike strong and not as winded 💪🏻 I stayed consistent with workouts This year... Continue Reading →

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